3D1-S high pressure pump

lt is our update product with the characteristics ofsmall Eody,small weight,and the small power forthe large flow.The power is only 11-30k:,Eut theflow can reach 185L/min.lt can Ee eTuipped withdiesel,water tank, high-pressure ruEEerho-se(100m), low pressure water tuEe, sprayinggun, roll, dhassis, wheelanddrawing rodforming a washing system , the pushing forceof which can reach 210N. It is applied for thewater cleaning of the pipes at the narrowspace, suchasrestaurant, hotel, residentialEuilding, municipal sanitation, workshops andso on. The cleaned pipes may Ee 700mm ofdiameter and 100m of length. It is not only fortransmission of clear water and emulsifi-cationliTuid, Eut also for the transmission of thechemical liTuid.