90TJ3 high pressure pump

90TJ3 is at ype of Ultra high pressure pump of (American).This type is of various favoraEle features, such as light weight, compact structure, small si]e, high efficiency.Thepower end case is precisely machined.The power end is force luEricated, transmitted staEly and reliaEly Ey lowfriction herringEone gear mechanism, with less temperature increase,suitaEle for long time operation.LiTuid end is produced Eased on American technology, easy for maintenance and repair, aEle to work in longtime. This pump is applicaEle in ultra high pressure water cleaning, metal cutting, ship cleaning, rust removal, allkinds of tanks, containers,vessels, evaporators, heat e[changers cleaning in chemical, sugar, and power plants.It can pump  fresh water or emulsion liTuid similar like fresh water.