W·kse twin screw pump


Capacity: ≤40m3/h

Pressure: ≤1.2MPa

Speed: ≤2000rpm

Temperature: ≤120℃①

Viscosity: ≤100000mm2/s

Suction height: ≤9m WC

Pump casing pressure: 1.6MPa

Turning: clockwise from the end of the shaft②

① medium for cleaning,such as steam<180℃

② when use anti-clockwise,we should reduce some performance,please note your specific requirement in the order。



★ Fast cleaning and convenient

★ Delivery medium smoothly without any disturbing and pulsation

★ With high self priming ability and can deliver the liquid mixed with gas or air

★ No metallic contact between rotating parts,the medium can contain a bit of solid grain(such as kaolin)

★ Can dry running in a short time(≤2min)

★ The viscosity of medium can reach up to 100000mm2/s

★ Adjust capacity by changing speed,export pressure keeps steady

★ Use synchronous gear, external bearing

★ All kinds of driving style are suitable

★ Can select different joint style (such as flange or arc screw)

★ Easy to dismantle and maintain

★ High efficiency and economize on energy


★ Chemical industry: transfer for various acid, alkali, salt solution, resin, glycerin, paraffin, heavy oil, gas and other chemical material.

★ Paint industry: printing ink, various paint, color and coating.

★ Food industry: alcohol, wine, honey, sugar juice, toothpaste, milk, cream, soy sauce, vegetable oil, animal oil, chocolate and eight-treasure rice pudding.

★ Pharmacy: various preparation, glucose serosity and injection liquor.


During the operating, sealed cavities are formed between the screws, screw and stator inner. The medium inputs the pump casing from inlet, then enters into the sealed cavities, it is delivered to the outlet smoothly along with the rotating of the screw. The stator inner is relatively positioned by stopping port, the spindles are positioned by bearing support. There is no contact between screws, screw and stator inner during the operating. Then there is no dangerous even dry running in a short time. The pump is allowed to deliver various mediums ( such as non-Newton liquid, lubricating and non-lubricating liquid, corrosive liquid etc).

Due to the special design of the inlet conduit and the lower axial speed, the pump has a high suction performance i.e. a low NPSHr.

It is optional either mechanical sealing structure or rubber oil sealing structure.

Bearings endure axial force with a long life.

The bearings and synchronous gears are lubricated by the oil in the gear case; the discharging bore is designed on the top of the pump, there are still enough mediums in the pump casing when the pump stops, thus the pump has a high self priming ability.

It’s easy to dismantle the joint screws and wash the pump casing, screw and mechanical sealing directly. All parts coming into contact with the pumped liquid can be cleaned. Please use stream under 180℃ or other medium to wash or disinfect the pump.

It’s possible to mantle safety equipment on the outlet.(such as overfall valve, pressure-controlled valve, relief valve etc).

The pump unit can be designed as a moveable style (baseplate has four wheels and towing handrail).


Maximum pressure :1.6MPa

Joint way for inlet and outlet:

① Flange joint*

② Pipe thread joint*

③ Fast joint

*the detail is at the dimension table

④ Discharging bore on the pump casing:

It’s impossible for the pump to be contaminated by the survival.

The position of inlet and outlet

The position of inlet is axial, outlet is on the top of the pump, or at the bottom of the pump. If it is set at the bottom of the pump, the pump hasn’t self priming ability.

Screw pitch

See the performance diagram

Driving device

Two size have the same driving type.

Shaft is supported by a double-row ball bearing and a ball bearing.

The bearings and synchronous gears are lubricated by the oil in the gear case,there are oil inlet, outlet and deflating screw plug on the gear case.

Shaft end

The dimension for two sizes are:


Rotating direction

Standard direction is clockwise.

(see from shaft end)

Sealing type

(1)mechanical sealing(M1)

Mechanical sealing is independent of rotating direction.


Rotating seal ring --carborundum

Stationary seal ring --tungsten carbide

Accessory --stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti

O ring --viton


Max temperature 20~180℃

Max allowed speed =10m/s

If other material is required, please indicate in the contract.

(2)mechanical sealing with cooling system (M4)

with a shaft seal and a G1/4″cooling tie-in.

shaft seal material: viton

temperature: -20~180℃  

(3)The sealing type M3 with two shaft seals and a G1/8″cooling tie-in

max temperature:-20~180℃

Material table